Scholar Feedback – 2010-2014

New Scholar Retreat

The fall retreat is very good for all of the students and staff to get acquainted with each other.
Get to know the heads of the program and how they approach problems and engineering as a whole.
Meet all of the current students and new s-stem scholars at the first meeting of the year.

Mentor meeting

Mentor meetings are some of the most helpful meetings I have had as a student at UMBC. Excellent advice.

I ready enjoyed the mentor meetings. Just being able to talk to a professor about school in a more personal way really helps a lot. I know that there are office hours, and I can go to any of my professors, but just having someone on one time is irreplaceable.

I ready like the mentor meetings that took place. It went into much more details than the regular semester meeting with my academic advisor. My mentor provided me with a lot of suggests and options that I could not think about before. We were not just discussing about the academic progress but also research interests, possible scholarships, and others. In all, I really enjoyed the meeting. It was one of the best parts of the program.

I feel it is extremely beneficial to have our faculty mentor to whom we can go for advice or with concerns.

The mentor meetings are great. All my questions get answered and I learn more than I expected when walking out of these meetings.

What was so beneficial was the mentor’s willingness to have a conversation with me not just ask how I’m doing and then dismiss me, but to get a sense of the direction I was going and then give me feedback that made all the difference.

Having a professor in the department I could build a personal relationship with and talk about my progress and choices was incredibly helpful.

It was extremely helpful to have a mentor in the department that was able to provide insight and guidance.

The meetings with my mentor helped shape my thinking about graduate studies and the path I want to take in my career. It was quite helpful.

The mentor meeting was very helpful. I had an opportunity to share my goals and plans and got some really great advice.

Research Seminars

I always enjoy learning about the different types of research that I can do with a background in mechanical engineering. As I get closer to graduation these seminars open my eyes to different avenues that I can take to do work in an area of engineering that I am passionate about.

I have greatly enjoyed this past year’s seminars. Not only have I been extremely informative, but many of them have been oriented toward a branch of mechanical engineering that holds particular interest for me.

I like the exposure to real world situations.

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar about implanted blood pumps. As a freshman I’m not quite sure what field I want to pursue after I receive my bachelor’s degree. This seminar introduced me to the use of mechanical engineering in the medical field. Since then I have thought about pursuing this field as a graduate student.

The ocular seminar wasn’t really very interesting however the final seminar was extremely captivating.

The seminars were very interesting. They enhanced my understanding of the research areas related to mechanical engineering. They provided some options for me to choose for graduate school.

The seminars are informative and sometimes interesting. They open my mind up to the idea of pursuing some research in bioengineering.

I always found the research seminars very enlightening. Research presentations shed light on a new perspective of how mechanical engineering principles can be applied to bio-related matters. Although many of the presentations were beyond my understanding. I am very grateful to have been exposed to such matters.

I enjoyed all of the seminars, but the uncertainty analysis one was too complex for me to understand at this point in my undergraduate career. The orthopedic biomechanics seminar was most interesting to me because it was easy to see how this research could directly improve the lives of millions of people.

I have found the seminars to be incredibly interesting and encouraging. Even with all of my studies I still enjoyed taking the time to listen to the speakers.

I really enjoy the seminars because they expose me to applications of mechanical engineering that I had little or no knowledge of previously.

The last seminar was very important for me to understand the application of laser to cure tumor. I am looking forward to more seminars.

The seminars were very interesting. It helped me realize where some of the money is in the big industries and whether or not I want to spend my engineering career pursuing it. After the seminars I feel a bit more interesting in bioengineering but my true passion lies for ME.

The seminar about material science was particularly interesting to hear real world academics speaking on his research. The medical devises seminar I really enjoyed it as it was the first time I realized that engineers could work in academia and at the same time develop new technologies that could improve the lives of many people.

I really liked getting to hear about new research and how people are approaching problems.

These seminars are great. They have sparked my interest and I am now considering doing research in biomechanics.

All of the seminars were very interesting and gave me good insight into what some people are really researching out in the field.