Retreat, Workshop, Lab Visit


Everything that was offered by the S-STEM program during my academic years at UMBC has been quite helpful in knowing what topics of mechanical engineering I am most interested in.
This was very helpful and informative!
I enjoyed the seminars and learned something new!
The experience really opened my eyes.
I enjoyed both events.

The workshop provided an opportunity to learn about graduate school application process
Shared great information and resources, clarified any questions, helped push me towards graduate school
I really enjoy the retreats. It is a great way to bond as a program and with the incoming cohort of scholars. I also really like that we have presentations from mentors that are already involved in the program, and I feel the topics of the presentations are relevant to us as scholars.

Both activities were online, which made it difficult to build connections and focus on the presentations.
I liked the S-STEM program. I would like to see more graduate school application seminars and industry knowledge seminars from engineers currently working.
There were limited activities in the 2021/22 year due to restrictions with covid, but before covid, the seminars and activities were very enlightening and interesting.


Enjoyed the activities and found them easy to attend.
Overall experience was good.

I liked that these events were short enough that they didn’t interfere with my classes/schoolwork.
I didn’t have a specific issue with any of them, they were fine.
I really enjoyed the activities this year, considering the online premise. I learned a lot from each activity.
The activities had descriptive presentations and as a new student to the S STEM program, I felt they were a great introduction. I got the sense that the coordinators of the program had the organization, connections, and skills to significantly contribute to my growth as a mechanical engineering student.
Great analysis of technical problems and how they can be solved in the real world.

The virtual lab visit made me more interested in doing research on campus with one of professors.
Activities with ME S-STEM are always well organized and well communicated. Having lab exposure early in undergrad definitely helped me identify that I wanted to pursue a Ph.D.
The visits were informative and really interesting. I enjoy learning about the research that the ME faculty is conducting.

The fall 2020 retreat was nice but was held online. I was not aware of [the available] workshop because of COVID.
Even though it was online the experience was still great.
It was tough with the whole virtual thing, but the team handled it very well compared to other programs I am in.
I really enjoyed these as well, I felt the online execution of these events was great and I learned a lot.


I enjoyed all opportunities given through S-STEM in 2019.
I enjoyed the activities. It was especially good to meet and interact with the other Scholars.
These workshops gave a lot of useful information to students.
All of the events for the S-STEM program were informative and interesting!


Meeting with my mentee was very great.
Making new friends.
Getting to know my peer mentor and sharing experiences. It makes me feel more comfortable and being able to build relationships with new people.

Talking at the tables with others.
Introducing yourself.
Networking with other scholars and the professors in the department was the most successful activity.
I think being able to socialize with people.


“I really liked the retreats to get acquainted with the new stem scholars.”
“From the retreat I was able to meet other scholars in a relaxed setting which I thought was very effective.”
“I liked the retreat, however, I wish it was a bit more engaging. Maybe playing some ice breakers. It was a lot of information presented in the hour to hour 1/2 time frame.”
“I would like to do more events as a group and get to know the other students better.”

“It might be nice to have more interactions with the other scholars; maybe this could take place at the retreat.”

“There aren’t many opportunities to get to know other scholars. Something like an unrequired scholars meeting would be nice for us to know more about one another.”


“The fall retreat was an effective way to introduce the scholars to the program.”

“I thought the retreat was good so that I could get to know the other scholars.”

“The fall retreat is a great starting point for new scholars to meet each other but not enough. I feel like I don’t know anyone who is in the same program as me. There should be more gatherings throughout the semester that aren’t mandatory to allow us to get to know each other better.”

“I believe that we should do more group events so we can get to know other members of the organization better.”