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Professional Development

“I have gone to several career workshops and college visits, all of which have been very insightful.”
“I really liked the resume workshop because even though I already know a lot about resumes, it’s always good to hear another perspective.”
“I enjoyed the career center’s Wednesday events. The companies they brought in were very good. It was a great way to practice networking skills. I also attended a lot of events in career crush.”
“I learned a lot from speaking to professionals and gaining insights from the experience.”

“I participated in 3 job fairs. I feel like there were mostly a waste of time. Employers simply told job seekers to apply online.”

“I attended several career/grad school fairs. Conversations are superficial. Lines are long. You still have to apply online. It doesn’t seem to matter how much someone likes you or your resume, you have to apply online. What’s the point?”

“Career fairs were great networking events; however, they were often crowded leaving little time for one-on-one conversation.”