Professional Development


Got my internship from the BEYA career fair!
UMBC offered many opportunities to connect with local employers. I plan to use their offerings in future years to search for internships.
I went to the career fair.
Job fairs and getting my resume checked at the Career Center, Got multiple offers after attending job fairs.


I attended the Spring 2021 career fair sponsored by the career center at UMBC. I was able to meet with employers and ask them for advice before applying for their positions.
I attend the career fair virtually in the fall, and that’s where I got my internship, so it worked out great. Though that was all I did because after that there wasn’t much more I needed to do.
I attended several workshops over the school year and talked to several professors about Graduate school and gained a lot of knowledge through those conversations.
I spent a lot of time researching graduate schools and attending professional development workshops hosted by NIH last summer. They focused a lot on leadership, how to make meaningful connections, and how to stand out during the graduate school application process.
I attended seminars on funding graduate school and intellectual property and diversity in research. Those were extremely helpful, though they were not at UMBC.


I enjoyed all opportunities given through S-STEM in 2019.
I enjoyed the activities. It was especially good to meet and interact with the other Scholars.
These workshops gave a lot of useful information to students.
All of the events for the S-STEM program were informative and interesting!

I appreciated Dr. Topoleski’s workshop because it gave us an idea of how to deal with college and overcome its challenges. As for the lab visit, it triggered my interest in starting to do lab research.
I loved Dr. T’s presentation early in the semester. Dr. Romero’s lab visit was also interesting. I found that the presentation beforehand helped me understand what I was looking at once I actually entered the lab.
I found them very interesting. Especially the lab visit. It was cool to see the dynamic of a research lab because that is my ultimate goal.
I really enjoyed the lab tour. There was a lot of experiments going on and it was interesting to learn about them.

Should have more activities like these in place.
I would have liked there to be more lab visits.
Mechanical engineering is a very broad degree with many applications. Being exposed to different research is nice, but some of us are interested in industry. More exposure to industry will help us form more interest in Mech E. and give us more goals to finish our degrees.

LSAMP Winter Student Retreat. BEYA Stem Career Conference. Both of the events were great chances for me to network.
I went to the BEYA Career Fair in Washington, DC. I enjoyed the experience because I got practice talking to recruiters and possible employers. I had already accepted a position, but I was hoping to get more practice since it was the first career fair I attended outside of the UMBC career fairs.
BEYA conference in DC was overwhelmingly packed and with limited varying sources. Most companies and their opportunities were defense related. There were not many options for other interests.
I went to the career fair in the fall and was able to get an internship at Textron Systems from an interview the day after the fair and I am working there this summer.
The career fair was an absolute madhouse. It felt almost completely pointless to attend, especially if you had classes most of the day and could only go during your one short break (which, of course, just so happens to be the same break everyone else seems to have.

I attended the 2020 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge in Calumet, MI with 7 other UMBC students on the club’s team. During the week long competition we spoke with many industry professionals and had networking events. I was the mechanical design and performance lead for the club and was recently elected president for this coming year. We ended up placing 2nd overall.
I have built my discipline skills in how I study and excel in a class, by attending ASC tutoring and getting help from [my tutor]. I also have been researching internships and lab position to jump start my engineering experience.
Through the McNair Scholars Program, I was able to travel to Atlanta and Las Vegas last summer. I was able to visit 3 different graduate schools, and attend conferences and workshops, and overall progress towards my future goals of conducting research and obtaining my Ph.D.
Meetings with Career Center folk, however, were always helpful. As are their workshops and online resources (the Career Guide, for example).


“I have gone to several career workshops and college visits, all of which have been very insightful.”
“I really liked the resume workshop because even though I already know a lot about resumes, it’s always good to hear another perspective.”
“I enjoyed the career center’s Wednesday events. The companies they brought in were very good. It was a great way to practice networking skills. I also attended a lot of events in career crush.”
“I learned a lot from speaking to professionals and gaining insights from the experience.”

“I participated in 3 job fairs. I feel like there were mostly a waste of time. Employers simply told job seekers to apply online.”

“I attended several career/grad school fairs. Conversations are superficial. Lines are long. You still have to apply online. It doesn’t seem to matter how much someone likes you or your resume, you have to apply online. What’s the point?”

“Career fairs were great networking events; however, they were often crowded leaving little time for one-on-one conversation.”