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Research Seminars


They were informative and fascinating, explaining new developments in the field of Engineering research.
I think the seminars provide an opportunity to learn something new. I wish they were presented in a discussion format rather than a lecture. I think this would increase engagement and also facilitate conversation with the lecturer and students. I think the speakers this year were definitely better at welcoming questions and answering them. I really enjoyed the presentation on energy storage. It would also be cool if students were able to do a lunch-on with the speaker.
The only problem I had with the seminars is that they were scheduled at times where people would have to miss part of it for class pretty much always.


“I like the seminars. They really gave me an idea of what it’s like to do research.”
“The seminars have really shown the importance of understanding fundamental topics during undergraduate years.”
“It was interesting to see all of the current research and development that actually goes on in industry. It is a nice break from what is learned in the classroom because it is very applicable.”
“The spring seminar showed that mechanical engineering isn’t limited to machines. It was interesting seeing mechanical engineering aid the human body.”
“Really enjoyed the tissue engineering one. The material was presented in an interactive and enthusiastic way that was easier to understand.”
“I particularly enjoyed the presentation given by Dr. Yi on tissue engineering. It made me realize how far of a reach that mechanics/engineering can have, even on our body.”
“I was extremely interested in the industry representative that came in because the information she provided gave a more clear perspective of the field and profession she is involved in.”
“I would like all the seminars to be more interactive with questions and answers throughout the presentation. That will help me and the rest of us follow the talk and stay engaged in the material.”
“some of the seminars do not seem to relate too much to mechanical engineering. I would like to see more technology seminars rather than just bio medical research.”
“I wish there was less of a focus on bioengineering. Bioengineering is fine, but I feel like every single seminar was on bioengineering. I wish it was more diverse and included things from mechanical, environmental, civil, etc.”


“Mandatory meetings are nice to have the opportunity to hear different sides of mechanical engineers.”
“I was already interested in bioengineering before, so these seminars added to my knowledge and interest in the field.”
“They have opened my eyes in the applications of mechanical engineering to the world. Most importantly, they have showed the capabilities and capacity of engineers to do good and improve the welfare of the overall public. I have gained a lot of respect for the profession and it continues to grow.”
“All of the seminars were interesting for the most part and helped provide a broader view about possible focus fields for me in the future.”
“I really enjoyed the seminars. I find them both interesting and very useful. They have verified my interest in bioengineering.”
“The seminars gave me insight into what engineering research can cover and gave me confidence to consider bioengineering.”


“The seminar about heart valves was very technical and mostly biology, less engineering.”
“The seminars are always interesting but it would be exciting to have a seminar purely on robotics.”
“I wish UMBC would bring in speakers that are employed in the workforce and not just researchers.”
“The best seminar was thermoelectric materials. This is something I am interested in as a career. Do more seminars that aren’t just bio related.”
“The seminars are geared toward grad students and above (that’s what it feels like) so a lot of the terminology they were using went right over my head.”
“The seminars had a lot of good information. However, as a freshman it was hard to follow. The September seminar was very hard to follow. Again, lots of information. And technology and terms were assumed we knew what they were when we did not.”
“Seeing the applications of bioengineering really encourages me to find a career in medical devices because I can contribute to improving the lives of others.”
“I really like attending these seminars because they give examples of work engineers can do; most of the time they are of examples I have never thought of before either.”
“I though the seminars were very effective, as I learned a lot from these great researchers. It exposed me to topics I was not aware of before.”
“I really enjoyed the talks. It’s great to see real applications of engineering. We learn a bunch of theoretical stuff in class. It’s good to see that there are applications for what we are studying.”
“These seminars have shown me the practical and beneficial contributions engineering is able to offer to make lives a bit easier in the future.”
“The seminar is kind of boring.”