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Mentor Meeting

“The mentor meetings are a great way to keep in touch with your advisor and to make sure you are on the right track.”
“I really enjoy the mentoring meetings. Great listening and insight.”
“I always enjoy my mentor meetings with Dr. _______; she always is very insightful on answering the questions that I have.”
“I enjoyed the one-on-one mentor meetings because they allowed for discussions with a professional already in your field of study.”
“My mentor helped me get an internship!”

“My mentor informed me about what requirements I still had to complete before the summer.”
“I learned a lot while talking to my advisor about engineering and life.”
“My mentor was more than willing to help me succeed in as many ways as possible. I received very good feedback and it has helped me in getting through
“Mentor meetings are always very effective because they allow for open discussions about anything going on, from issues in classes to advice in studying,
“My fall meeting was really helpful with my career and grad school goals. I appreciate having a mentor who I can go to when I have questions. I think it is
important for all students to have that sort of personal connection with faculty.”
“Mentor meetings were extremely helpful in determining future plans at UMBC.”

“My mentor meetings with Dr.xx have always been good.”
“During mentor meetings my mentor always helps me with my scheduling and always reminds me to keep up with my grades so I always know how I’m doing in each class.”
“I found talking to Dr. xx incredibly helpful.”
“They were very useful in helping me organize my future classes, especially because I come from a community college.”
“The mentor meeting is a good idea because it encourages the scholars to develop relationships with their mentor.”
“My mentor is really flexible with meeting times and I feel like if I have questions I can either email or talk with her via email and get answers within a day.”
“My mentor was very helpful and wanted me to succeed; she also introduced me to a lot of opportunities about internships, research, and scholarships.”
“Working with my mentor was extremely beneficial; helped me with choosing classes and choosing grad schools.”
“Mentor meetings are a nice way to see what opportunities are open to undergrads.”
“It was very hard to track down my mentor in order to have a meeting but when I did the meeting went well.”
“The mentor meetings did not seem to have any added benefit. I would tend to go to my advisor rather than my mentor with