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”I really enjoyed the projects I was able to work on as well as the people I was able to work with. The work was mainly design work, which I enjoy very much. I also learned a lot about engineering and the professional workplace in general.”
“The lab work was amazing and helped me form my post-undergrad goals.”

“I learned about research and learned to balance
“I learned about how to apply my knowledge in school on real world problems.”

“I worked with Dr. xx bioheat transfer lab. It was an excellent experience. It showed me how engineering applies theory to solve real world situations. It also gave me an excellent resume.”

“My research was at the UMBC Lidar Lab in the physics department. I learned a lot about Matlab and statistics than before and I enjoyed doing data analysis for the Lidar.”

“It was good to see the way the lab worked; however, my position had little structure and I was often at a loss for what to do or work on.”

“I worked at Domino Sugar over the summer. The engineering part was cool, the minutia was boring.”

“My internship during the summer 2015 at Goddard Space Flight Center was extremely beneficial to my career. I was able to see a multitude of projects and attend seminars which allowed me to assess what I would like to do with my degree.”