Schedule Archive 2010-2013

May 2013

05/10/2013 Friday – Dr. Kunal Mitra at Florida of Technology will give a seminar to ME S-STEM scholars on “Bioheat tranfer analysis for laser based therapeutic applications”. The seminar date is March 1, 2013, 2:30pm in room ITE233.
05/23/2013 Thursday – Congratulation to ours S-STEM scholars who graduated in the past December 2012 and May 2013. Hiren Balsara and Randy Huber will continue to pursue their graduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering at UMBC, while Maleshia Jones will be a graduate student at U. Penn. Other scholar are working in STEM industry, including WR Grace (Sean Brady), W.L. Gore & Associates (Israel LLufoye), HGL Dynamics (Sarah Kopytko), Lockheed Martin (Hannah Piper), JMT (Sarah Seering), Army Evaluation Center (Christopher Wooten), and Siemens (James Yee). The scholar will be congratulated during the COE&IT ceremony.

March 2013

03/01/2013 Friday – Dr. Oliver Myers, who received his PH.D. degree from UMBC, will give a seminar to ME S-STEM scholars on “Mechanics of NDE magnetostrictive sensors in CFRP. Dr. Myers is currently in an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Mississippi State University.
03/2013 – Scholar and mentor meeting.

December 2012

12/20/2013 – The ME Chair, Dr. Eggleton, invites everyone to enjoy a holiday party in the department.

November 2012

11/16/2012 Friday – Dr. C.L. Williams at US Army Research Lab will give a seminar entitled: The effects of peak shock stress on the substructure evolution and spall response of 1100-O aluminum. Dr. Williams completed his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering at UMBC, and received his PhD at The Johns Hopkins University.
11/2012 Scholar and mentor meeting.

September 2012

09/08/2012 Sunday – The ME S_STEM program invites everyone to an end of summer potluck gathering in Dr.Liang Zhu’s house.
09/18/2012 Wednesday – The ME S-STEM program welcomes new scholars to our program. They are: Khalid Lamaafi, Kabish Shah, Christopher Mullen, Markus Prostor, Jeramiah Hess, and Matthew Wold. A ME S-STEM retreat was held for the new scholars to describe the program and expectations.

May 2012

05/24/2012 Thursday – Congratutation to our S-STEM scholars who graduated from our program and working in industry or pursuing graduate career: Jason Dunthorn (UMBC), Andrew Horton (US Patent Office), Chao Hou (UMBC), Vikesh Patel (GE Aviation), Chelsea Stinson (John Deere), Luke Roberts (UMCP), and Phillip Sinex (Gannon University). They will be congratulated during the COE&IT graduation ceremony.

March 2012

03/09/2012 Friday – The ME S-STEM program at UMBC welcomes Dr.Beth Wyler and students from Anne Arundel Community College students to our campus.They will visit research labs and attend workshops desribing transfer process from community colleges to UMBC ME program.
03/09/2012 Friday – Dr. Jens Karlsson at Villanova Unviersity will give a seminar on cryopreservation.
03/31/2012 Friday – Dr. Devandra Bajaj at Stevenson Instritute of Technology on Orthopedics Biomechanics.
03/2012 – Scholar and Mentor Meeting.

November 2011

11/07/2011, Monday – Visiting research labs in the Mechanical Engineering Department at UMBC.
11/11/2011, Friday – Dr. Maher Salloum in Sandia National Laboratory, CA, gives a seminar on “Computational modeling and uncertainty analysis of reactive thermo-fluid systems at nano-scale”.

October 2011

10/07/2011, Friday – Dr. Yaling Liu at Leigh University comes to UMBC for a seminar entitled “Nanoparticle Targeted Delivery and Ultralow Concentration Bioagent Capturing”.
10/20/2011 – Discussion with the faculty mentors.

August 2011

08/29/2011, Monday The 2ND Mechanical Engineering S-STEM program retreat.

April 2011

04/09/2011, Friday – Dr. Thao (Vicky) Nguyen, Assistant Professior of Mechanical Engineering at The John Hopkins University on Biomechanics of Sclera.
04/22/2011, Friday – Dr. Timothy Weihs, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at The Johns Hopkins University on Bringing Nanotechnology to Market.

March 2011

03/2011 – Mentor-Scholar meetings

December 2010

12/20/2010, Monday –Holiday party in the Mechanical Engineering Department.
12/17/2010, Friday – Brown Bag Lunch with the Directors

November 2010

11/2010 – Discussion with the Faculty Mentors
11/19/2010, Friday – Dr. Xiaodu Wang, Professor of Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering at University of Texas at San Antonio on Understanding the Mechanical Behavior of Bone: From Nano to Macro

October 2010

10/08/2010, Friday – Dr. Said Jahanmir, President and CEO of MiTiHeart Corporation, MD on Life Saving Implanted Blood Pump
10/22/2010, Friday – Brown Bag Lunch with the Directors

September 2010

TBA — Seminar

August 2010

08/20/2010, Friday – Summer Retreat (Agenda)