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ME S-STEM Scholar's Research -- Ben Cherry

August 16, 2016 11:23 AM
ME S-STEM scholar, Mr. Ben Cherry, has been working in Dr. Carlos Romero-Talamas' research laboratory in the Mechanical Engineering Department in the past two years. His research project involves improving the efficiency of hydrogen production through electrolysis. This is attempted by using pulsed power rather than constant power to drive the reaction. There are mass flow and electrical effects that can develop boundary layers that may be responsible for a decrease in the efficiency of water electrolysis. These boundary layers take time to form so the application of intermittent power may prevent them from fully forming and thereby increase the efficiency of the process. In addition, Mr. Cherry is also part of the team running a summer program for middle school students, entitled "Science and Engineering: Experimenting with Basic Concepts". This summer program, directed by Dr. Romero-Talamas, aims to introduce and reinforce the basic concepts of physics and thermodynamics to middle school students with a college twist. Participants worked in small groups to do hands-on experiments, including an electronic project and creating a solar pinhole camera.
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