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ME S-STEM Scholar's Research -- Keith Purvis

September 22, 2016 9:50 AM

ME S-STEM scholar, Keith Purvis has been working in the Micro Materials Characterization Lab directed by Dr. Marc Zupan in the Mechanical Engineering Department. The lab is focused on characterizing and developing emerging materials. Specifically, the lab has unique capabilities in microsample testing, in which small samples of about 3 mm long and have a testing section that is by 0.25 mm by 0.25 mm square are used. Mr. Purvis conducts material properties testing (usually tensile testing) on these samples, which enables them to characterize the properties of difficult to manufacture materials or the local properties of a material that has undergone a processing change (such as the differences in local properties that result after welding). He also compares the differences between a macro-scale (standard) tensile test and a micro-scale one to identify differences, or lack thereof, across different length scales. Non-destructive microCT scans have been used to visualize micro-voids and micro-cracks within the samples that may contribute to changes in mechanical properties of the samples.


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