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Have a good experience of working in industry -- Troy Baker

Over the past summer, one of the ME S-STEM scholars, Mr. Troy Baker, worked with Early Charm Ventures, a venture company out of Baltimore.  They recently formed a new venture with the Main Line Health hospital system and Lankenau Institute for Medical Research called Lankenau Ventures.  Mr. Baker worked as a Development Engineer for Lankenau Ventures and worked alongside medical professionals to develop two small medical devices.  They were presented with problems by medical professionals, to develop products to fix those problems, and then conduct a series of interviews with additional medical professionals to see if they experienced the same problems as well as to collect design feedback.  Although Mr. Baker had to return to school for the start of the semester before any of those devices could be evaluated, he had a valuable experience preparing him to work in a company after he graduates from our program.

Posted: September 8, 2021, 11:06 AM